3 months ago

Leaking Hot Water Heater Repair Tips

A frozen pipe can potentially burst and the result can be flooding, damaged carpet and furniture, and possibly even rot and mold. Many times homeowners notice a small puddle of water forming on the floor or may notice the copper pipe turning a gre read more...

3 months ago

How To Fix Pipes | HowStuffWorks

Most plumbing problems occur at or near such fixtures as sinks, tubs, and toilets. Sometimes, however, the pipes themselves are the root of the problem. Pipes can be temperamental -- they can leak, sweat, freeze, or make loud noise read more...

3 months ago

US housing construction expected to rise this year after ending 2012 as best year since 2008

WASHINGTON - The aftermath of the housing bust forced many homebuilders to dramatically scale back construction on new homes to avoid the risk of ending up saddled with a trove of newly built, yet unsold properties.

But an improving